Adva Shaviv,
PhD, ADHD, :-D

So much for titles!

Among my greatest loves are creativity and education, and everything related to them.

Over the years I have taught young and old, graduates and undergraduates, gifted and 2e (gifted/AD(H)D), in the academy and outside it, before finally seizing the best of opportunities: educating my own three kids, whom I homeschool. We experiment together with creative ways to learn, teach, and do anything else in our own way. I share some of these ideas in The Magic Key – a blog dedicated to creative parenting and homeschooling.

Having realized, as an adult, that my lifelong something-wrongness had a name – ADHD – changed my perception. Apparently, I wasn’t just out-of-sync with everything; turns out, my mind actually does work differently, but that’s not a bad thing! I managed to write my way into a philosophy PhD, among other things, thanks to hyperfocus. So why focus on the dozens of ditched projects?...

One project I recently took up is ADventures Heading up and Down – a fantasy novel taking place in an ADHD wonderland. You’re welcome to join this journey!

When I’m not busy homeschooling or writing I read, craft, learn something, dance flamenco, practice foreign languages, create videos, eat chocolate or just think. And of course, pet my pets. Giving a homeless dog or cat a forever home is the best experience, besides having kids!